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“But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold. My feet have closely followed his steps; I have kept to his way without turning aside.”

Job 23:10-11 (NIV)

A Word from our General Manager:

KTLW is back on the air in the Antelope Valley at 88.9 FM! That’s the message we are trying to convey to our loyal listeners in the Lancaster/Palmdale area---and beyond! Will you help us?

As you may have seen or heard, the tower from which we transmit our signal to the whole Antelope Valley collapsed in high winds, last Saturday evening! With the help of several broadcast professionals, we were able to “borrow” an antenna and get it temporarily remounted on the much-shorter tower section, which is left at the site. It is complicated—and we are not finished with what must be done—but “Your Sound Alternative” is back on the air at 88.9 FM!

Thank you for your prayers and e-mails of concern during these challenging days! Your financial support at this critical time is very important to us. Gifts can be made by mail or online. Please be as generous as possible. Thank you, so much!

Programs & Ministries

Sexual by Design

Our sexuality is a wonderful gift created by God. Sadly, though, many have taken this divine provision and distorted it.

Stuart, Jill and Pete Briscoe are currently teaching on Telling the Truth about God's blueprint for how we should function as sexual beings. See Pete’s special introduction and offer for this series, Sexual by Design:

Listen to Telling the Truth weekdays at 12 Noon and 8:00 p.m. on KTLW!

A Weekend to Remember

Ventura Beach Marriott, March 20-22 and 27-29, 2015

Your kids know what they're leaning at school about sexuality. Do you?

Fight the demonization of Israel in the media

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Israel Answers

The King's University: Preparing Spirit-filled, Spirit-formed, Spirit-emowered servant leaders — Jack Hayford.

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